Sentient web

I start the first one about a series of articles which wants to deal with an issue that, in a few years, we could be interested in closely, make searches more immediate and daily actions and lead us to a new level in the relationship between man and machine.
The sentient web

The web sentient, under discussion for years, it seems the natural evolution of the current one. A web that 3.0, which aims to connect everything to everything, increase the number of nodes and become able to simplify our lives. It talks about the upcoming WWW as the sentient, think like us, understand our language and all its nuances.

sentient web

The machines are stupid

On this there is little to discuss. Today there are so capable of connecting elements, text, objects, among them, but they do so only if these connections have been defined by an algorithm, then man. However, it is easy to see similar qualities shared by the brain to the Internet. Networks of nodes, processes and transmission of information, connecting what has already been connected, by relating what has already been put into the report.


internet-of-things-IoTRethinking information
An aid can (and should) still come from the hand of man. To date, in fact all the information online are searchable through a system of tags, meta tags, hypertexts. These definitions, individual words, trying to describe part of what is present in the document or image. That’s why when we type the keywords on the search engine find the occurrences of those keywords. If I search for images of green balloons in Tuscany, the results will not be as precise as one might assume. In fact, we would find images representing

  • Balloons
  • Everything thatis green
  • TheTuscany


For this reason, if you really want to have a sentient web that’s able to understand us, we must be able to anchor our data to a context. The mono term metatag is not enough and we need to start telling to the machine what represent that image. What is the content that we want to connect.


Stay Tuned, next post arrives soon.