How to hide sponsored tweet

Recently arrived in Italy sponsored tweets that, just like Google does with pur research, propose us tweets and contents sponsored by company or other business activites, according to our interests.
All very interesting and useful BUT NOT if, in a few days, I found my page covered by sponsored tweet that numerically overlooked those one of profiles that follow.

So here’s a guide that explains step by step what to do to solve this annoying, at least for me, tiny problem and Delete Sponsored Tweets.

1- First step is to log into your Twitter profile

2 – Next you have to Click the GEAR ICON in the upper right corner and select Settings.


3 – NOW Click on Security and Privacy, scroll down and turn off the voice Sponsorship (or Sponsorizzazioni)


At least you have only to save the changes and you will not see sponsored tweets appear. Non anymore.


This guide was good for me. Is its usefull for you, share it.