Oneplus ONE

The coming out of the One+ ONE is certainly the event of the month. Device isn’t much known outside of tech addicted community but that if the promises will be kept, it could revolution the market, his logics and, most important, his prices.

For now, we only have the name.

Let’s do a brief summary of the characteristics

• Snapdragon Processor 801 2.5GHz Quad Core MSM8974AC
• Adreno 330 GPU
• 3GB of RAM
• Battery with 3100mAh
• Display 5.5-inch 1080p
• Camera with 6 Lens Sony 13-megapixel
• Cover the rear customizable materials.
• 350 € ( cutting 16GB )

Yes, it is 350 €. I know, there are many but considering the prices of the current top range devices, around 700 € (with the king iPhone that the maximum configuration has a price around € 1,000) and considering the technical characteristics, the One+ ONE is certainly the must Buy in 2014. Moreover, the pay-off of companies is clear: “Never Settle”.

The hype around the device in fact is very high and user expectations to. The confirm of the price, arrived by Pete Lau’s voice has had the effect to increase the expectation on the device. However, in unclear if the “best smartphone ever” actually exists or if we are faced with one of the best marketing campaigns carried out in recent years.
The question is legitimate if we consider that , a part of developers, no one has image is leaked as it usually also happens to the best-known tech companies. There is another several consideration. Currently we have had a series of contests (here) and celebs reviews (here) who seemed to want to draw attention away from the device, instead of giving more information about it.

In conclusion, there are now more doubts than certainties, but one of them is the skill of the marketing and communication manager of the brand that has chosen to focus the strategies on the hype created by rumors to ensure an image ROI: if it will be translated into an economic ROI, the choosen will be the correct one certainly.

However not always one+ ONE is equal two. We’ll see if this is the case.





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