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Google has signed an agreement with Lenovo to sell Motorola Mobility company  for $2.91 billion. However Google will keep a big part of 17,000 (and over) patents it acquired when it bought Motorola in 2012 for $12.5 billion. So, after the first “Google company phone” made by Motorola, the Moto X, and his little brother Moto G, the story seems finished.

A victory for Lenovo? Yes, bur not just for it.

google lenovo ceo’s

In fact Google still keeping  Motrola’s patents, which it can license out to other companie as HTC, LG and Samngug. Yes cause, meanwhile, it must be note that Samsung, which makes more Android phones than any other manufacturer, is getting more cozy with Google. In particular, the two companies have signed a 10-year patent deal agreement which involves Samsung to feature more Google services in its smartphones in the next future.

So, at the end
– Google won’t be an hardware so decide to sells the Moto company
– Lenovo buy for some bilions the only “Moto mark”, an established and respected brand, but not his patent’s
– Google won’t be an hardware builder but it will realize the Googl Glass
Only a questions. Google what do you want really?