Too much hype for a choco-bar

N5 compared LG G2

Google, what ‘r you doin’? For months, weeks and, finally, days you’ve trolled us with your Nexus, first ad the Key Lime Pie, 4.4 KitKat now, after. Millions of users are waiting for info and now, that all seems so near, expectation has become frustrating.
But..i’ve to admit it Google: Toll. You’re doing well!!
•    Firt some info about an hypothetical KLP version, maybe the 5.0 for Android release
•    Second some rumors about the possibility that would be LG to realize the N5
•    Third some blurred images that has confused all us
•    Fourth the possible collaboration with Nestlè, than finalized and the announce about Android 4.4 KK
•    Fifth date that all expect, that about officialization that cannot came from the official Nestlè Twitter account, got it?

Despite all, good work Google. From months specialized websites and community of users do not talk about other.

All talks about you.



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